Dream Jumpers is a brand new hack and slash game for iOS and Android. Take control of either Jaime or Norah, two kids who have fallen asleep while reading a stack of adventure books, as they journey through their dreams battling hordes of nightmarish zombies, fire goblins, and robotic dinosaurs!


Play as Jaime, if you'd prefer to smack, club and slash with melee weapons, or Norah, if you'd rather blast, zap and blam with ranged weapons.

As you play, you'll automatically shift from one location to the next. Each location has its own unique set of hazards and monsters. You may find yourself in a haunted graveyard, a fiery temple, or even a futuristic jungle.

Each dream is filled with terrifying monsters that grow in power the longer you play, creating new challenges and making the game more difficult as you go along.

Grab coins and customize your character with awesome new costumes and weapons.

Seamlessly team up with friends or others for a whirlwind of collaborative goodness.